WEED NOW LEGAL: Rookie Cop Doesn’t Know What To Do


LANSING, MI – With the recent changes to marijuana laws in Michigan that permit possession of long debated plant, one local department is finding their rookie officers don’t know what to do. Citizens have reported seeing young new officers driving aimlessly through town while noticing a massive drop in police activity and arrests. For decades, small marijuana arrests have been the staple go to show rookie officers the ropes. Those days appear to be over and this has departments and academies rethinking what they are going to teach these brave new souls.

Field Training Officers are trying to explain to these officers that the days of excitement over a roach in the ash tray or a crushed bud in an old sandwich bag are over but that doesn’t mean they need to despair. One training officer spoke to BNN and said, “It’s not like they still can’t find people stopping slightly passed the actual stop sign or driver’s doing 1-5 over.”

One rookie officer, fearful of creating an internal issue if named, told us “Marijuana is the gateway to all other serious crimes: domestic violence, hatchet attacks, cannibalism and one headlight being out and going unnoticed. The law is now closing the gate on officers and what do they expect us to do? Routine patrol is boring and that’s not what I signed up for.”

A group of young officers have secured a room at the library to provide a viewing of the classic “Reefer Madness” in the hopes of drumming up support, petitioning for a repeal to the new possession laws, and getting back to what they call “real police work.”


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