Virginia Police Chief Under Pressure to Resign after Fire Academy Yearbook Photo Surfaces


RICHMOND, VA – Controversy has been sparked and is now turning into a raging fire that Chief Haywood is gonna have a hard time putting out. “Even if he can save his job, the public perception will prevent him from serving the community effectively” said police union President Eric Montez.

It was discovered on Tuesday 2/12/19 that Chief Haywood had previously attended the Fire Academy and posed for class photos as seen below:

The Chief held a press conference and stated “While I do find these images to be offensive and am ashamed I participated in a fire academy, I do not believe this is me in the photo. I did dress up as a firefighter once for a costume contest and even had a working hose that I carried around with a water tank, but this is just someone who sorta looks like me and shares my name. I’m sorry for any hurt I’ve caused the firefighting community in the past but we need to move forward for the sake of all the officers and our community now.”

BNN attempted to obtain a statement from the Chief but his wife prevented our questions and said the circumstances and timing wouldn’t be right.



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