Search Continues for Millennial Officer Who Lost Phone

    Sacramento PD stock photo.

    Sacramento, CA – Police in Sacramento are seeking help from the public in locating a young officer recently released from the Field Training Officer (FTO) program.  Officer Danny Schwartz went missing early this morning.  He was last seen leaving an incident in which he dropped his mobile phone into a gas station toilet.

    Sgt. Ray Ramirez says that the officer complained of his phone being destroyed and unusable before contact was lost.  Officer Schwartz was believed to be patrolling when he was dispatched to a report of a barking dog in a residential subdivision.  Police say that’s when he disappeared.

    The officer’s vehicle is not equipped with GPS.  The rookie officer, who did not follow the instruction of his FTO and learn the streets or how to read a map, remains lost somewhere in the city, unable to even describe his location as he wanders about trying to find familiar ground.  Police believe that Officer Schwartz is incapable of surviving without his phone, and as time drags on, the worry increases.

    If you or anyone you know sees the missing officer, please call the Sacramento PD non-emergency line.



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