Rookie Sues for Valentine’s Day PTO

Lawyer announces lawsuit on behalf of officer.
Tyson Edwards speaks on behalf of his client.

Hoboken, NJ- A new police officer demanded to be allowed personal leave to spend time with his new girlfriend, according to sources.

Officer James Edwards, who graduated from police academy in the fall, has filed a lawsuit against the department. He claims his sergeant would not give him personal time off, or PTO, so that he could spend the day with Crystal, a local exotic dancer he’s been dating. In the lawsuit, filed by ACLU attorney Tyson Frings, Edwards alleges that the unnamed sergeant is causing him undue stress, depriving him of his right to pursue happiness, and unfairly forcing him to work while allowing married officers to use time.

Frings says Officer Edwards is concerned because Crystal has made plans with another officer on a different watch. “My client has a real shot at happiness with this woman, and one sergeant is out there being a bully and trying to keep him from love. What kind of message does that send on Valentine’s Day?” said Frings at today’s press conference. He continued, “Officer Edwards is truly heartbroken. The department needs to make this right. Otherwise, a valuable young officer may be forced to choose between a job or the woman he loves.”

Edwards spoke briefly, only to say, “I have found true love over these last three weeks. This department is trying to snuff it out. I have worked for months only taking off seven sick days when I had a cold. This is how I’m rewarded? I really think she could be the one.”

According to department hiring records, all officers must agree to work weekends, holidays, and rotating shifts.

When reached for comment at Sonny’s Sin Den, Crystal said, “Which one was this again?”


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