Police Wives to be Awarded Medal of Spousal Valor

Ft. Worth LEOW receives first of its kind Medal of Spousal Valor

Ft. Worth, TX – A new pilot program in Ft. Worth will honor law enforcement wives for their husband’s bravery.  Under new guidelines, spouses will be awarded medals of valor alongside their LEOs for undergoing harrowing ordeals by proxy.

In order to be eligible, the officer must have been in at least mild danger, but the nominee must have written a social media post which concerned family and friends enough to receive ample thoughts and prayers.

When asked what criteria will be considered for the Medals of Spousal Valor, Chief of Police Brandi Thompson said, “There will be a scoring process to ensure that of those nominated, only the most deserving of spouses will be honored.  It will be more of a lifetime achievement award with most recipients having lived the police wife life for between six months and four years.”

Chief Thompson explained honorees will be judged based on the number of times in a year they post on social media about the difficulties of shift work, whether or not that have had their LEO take pictures with a naked newborn in a police hat and the number of thin blue line infused garments in their wardrobe.

When cornered by a LEOW and asked, the chief acknowledged bonus points would be awarded for commenting “Enough is enough” on more than ten news articles, or writing a poem about their experience spending holidays alone, surrounded by family and friends while their LEOs worked.



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