Police Officer Arrested for Impersonating Security Guard


    Sioux Falls, SD- A police officer in Sioux Falls is on paid administrative leave today after being arrested for criminal impersonation.

    Officer James Darby, a rookie officer in Sioux Falls, is facing disciplinary action and up to a year in jail after his actions on Friday evening.  Witnesses say Darby, while eating in the food court, witnessed an unidentified boy running up the escalator.  The officer gave chase, reportedly furious that the young rebel violated mall policy.    After a lengthy chase, the officer commandeered a Segway scooter, activated the emergency green lights, and repeatedly pressed the horn, ordering mall patrons out his way.

    District Attorney Tim Webb says activating the emergency lights amounted to an overt action to represent himself as an officer of the mall, and that is illegal under South Dakota law.  “We cannot have vigilante justice in Sioux Falls.  I won’t stand for it.  We are a State, and thereby a mall, of laws.”

    Security Officer (First Class) Edward Wilhelm said, “I can really understand why he wanted to take up the badge of a security officer.  It’s exciting.  But, it’s also dangerous.  He needs to get some advanced training before trying to step in with the big dogs, the real first responders.”

    It is unclear at this time if Darby has retained an attorney.  When reached at his home early Saturday, Darby had no comment.


    1. This is bullshit. Impersonating a security guard really the state has problems and that’s such bullshit crime we have common sense would know that. Nothing but Dickheadz in the justice system in that state.

    2. “Security Officer (First Class) Edward Wilhelm said, “I can really understand why he wanted to take up the badge of a security officer. It’s exciting. But, it’s also dangerous. He needs to get some advanced training before trying to step in with the big dogs, the real first responders.”

      LMFAO, wannabe Mall Cops, too funny. The guy is a REAL COP, Wilhelm must have lots of time on his hands at the Mall!

      • I don’t think you understand the training Security Officers go through. They face the exact same training as any other officer and more.
        Only to have fucked up pricks like you belittle them.
        Way to go *slow clap* you made your self look like a complete Ass.

        • Yeah… “same training”. In New York, the security guard course is 8 hours long. Police academy is 6 months +.

          Yep, same training…..hahahahahahahahaha

        • CLEET security guard training in my state is mostly class and firearm. There is a small DT element but not anything like the CLEET officer requirement. Before we modified CLEET to include security guards, there was no training. It wasn’t even as advanced as, “Armed and Dangerous”. I should know, it was my first job out of high school away from the parent’s business. I wanted to go out on my own while still helping the parents when they needed it. I worked for American Security. The toughest part was the polygraph. That was day 1. On day 2, I’m on post doing the job. My first post was a fancy hotel. I guarded the conventions at night. I loved it as they always left the canteen cart with a coke dispenser and warm hot dogs. I must have gained 15lbs on that alone. I moved up to another hotel on day post. Then I earned a spot at the Embassy Suite. Hagendaz ice cream and a sandwich cafe. At night, we made ourselves sandwiches and had ice cream. Then they moved me to patrol with better pay. I had to go to 1 day of firearms training at the police range. Then I got my firearms card. Today, the guard training is at vo-tech. It is NOT a police academy. I went through police academy and it was like Marine basic. In fact, they touted it like Marine+2. That’s a full Marine basic plus 2 weeks of additional punishment. But I am thankful for that. Because it got me into D/FW pubic safety for a great career.

    3. Theres a massive difference in training between a security officer and a police officer.
      And most people get it wrong, fact is the security office goes through more training than the police. Infact they, do the exact same training and more.

      The rookie made a mistake, and stepped out of jurisdiction. It’s happens, 9/10 it’s a slap on the wrist and doing parking meters for a week or two.

      But the real problem is people making fun of security officers.

    4. Oh my God! I am laughing so hard at these comments. You people are idiots. South Dakota does not have a law about impersonating a security officer. The mall in Sioux Falls does not have segways. The mall is only 1 level. And the security does not go through more training than law enforcement. What a bunch of morons. You will believe anything that is on the internet.

    5. Wow

      I laughed at the article but then wondered if the comments would be funny too.

      Funny? They are comedy gold!

      Please tell me nobody (really) though this was serious……..

    6. The takeaway was probably seizing the security scooter. I know when I first went to summer camp, they drilled into our heads to not let the kids run except on the fields. We had plenty of rocks all around the place and falls were our #1 trip to the ER. So I’m like 15 and at the mall on our first summer trip to Tulsa from the camp. I see some kids running and yell, “Stop running”. The older veteran staff got a kick out of it.


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