Opinion: Tattoos Are Unprofessional


Lately, many have pushed to relax the hiring standards on those with tattoos. Even with nationwide shortfalls of applicants, I believe this to be a massive mistake. If facts mean anything at all anymore, then we know most people with tattoos have a history of one of the following:

  • Motorcycle gang activity (aka the one percenters)
  • Heroin or meth use
  • Devil worship
  • Serving in the Navy
  • Lack of Education
  • White Supremacists

Many will say “But we’ve already come this far and we can’t just fire people with tattoos.” Maybe not, but we can always move them to an inside job, perhaps, where society will not be intimidated by their appearance. One thing is certain: we can’t make hiring shortages an excuse for taking sub-par candidates who have chosen to deform themselves.

I know I’m not alone in this as at a recent townhall meeting in Metro Detroit when one citizen said, “I didn’t ask to see an officer’s tattoos when I was stopped for speeding, but there they were on his forearm where I was forced to see them. This amounts to visual bullying and we should expect more from our so-called public servants. Most people with tattoos are devil worshipers, and do you really want devil worshipers patrolling the streets of your town?

One thing is for sure: this debate is just stirring up and there will be much more to come from both sides as departments decide on whether to cry over spilled ink or not.


  1. Devil worshipers huh? Visual bullying? WOW!!! More ordinary people have tattoos than the people in their list…get a life…tattoos do NOT make an officer unprofessional….


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