Officer’s Request for ‘Black’ Coffee Sparks Protest Over Racism


OAKLAND, CA – Cops and coffee are about as American as America and apple pie. Whether it is a little pick me up during a long shift or a way of casually engaging with the community at its morning watering hole, coffee has long been considered a beverage for everyone.

Yet at one local coffee shop, S.K. Coffee, they are picking up the pieces from significant damage. The damage occurred on the outside of the establishment after a flash of intense protest broke out. As usual, a law enforcement officer is at the root cause, but the reason may shock you.

February 15th was like any other normal morning in the quaint coffee shop. Witnesses describe a scene of diverse customers waiting in line to get their cup of morning Joe. That all changed when the barista asked an officer if he “needed any room?” He replied, “No, I just take it black.” Almost instantly, patrons began throwing tables in the small seating area and the cries of racism began to spill into the street. The officer actually had to make a move for a back exit into the alley and call for another patrol car to come to retrieve him from the location.

The protest escalated to looting nearby store of televisions and other small electronics. Reporters asked a masked individual what looting televisions had to do with accusations of racism at a coffee shop. He said, “This is for all those years of my race being used to describe a drink.”

When asked “But what about white mochas?” the man shrugged his shoulders and continued to push his cart with a 52″ LG smart TV. BNN staff will be remaining in the area to follow up as soon as local law enforcement is able to contain the small skirmishes that continue to pop up outside S.K.’s location.


  1. I order latino coffee all of the time, and Krista da Barrista hooks it up every time, a little cream, a little sugar and a dash of cinnamon to give it some spice.

  2. Do they seriously not realize how stupid shit like this really makes them look? You just can’t fix stupid!!! Smmfh! 🙄🙄🙄


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