Officer to Medically Retire Due to RCF


Alabaster, AL – Detective Jay Wheezy of the Alabaster Police Department has been granted a medical retirement for a medical condition he contracted while serving the citizens of Alabaster.

Detective Wheezy noticed that he began to develop a hard, intimidating stare when his wife began to make comments about how he often looked at her like she was stupid.  Soon, other’s began to notice.  Wheezy began to receive odd comments from friends and eventually strangers.

Wheezy explains, “I’d walk into a restaurant in plain clothes with my family, and some guy would elbow a buddy and yell, ‘I didn’t do it!’ Randomly, people would pull up to me, no matter how clearly busy I was, and ask for directions.  It was awful.  I was never off duty.”

Mrs. Wheezy said she knew there was a problem when she suddenly started confessing to the most trivial events.  “About three months ago, he walked into the kitchen and asked if I knew what he did with a receipt.  I started crying and began telling him this absurd story that began in my childhood and ended with me telling him I threw it away.

Detective Wheezy knew exactly when it was time to walk away.  “I was walking into Walmart, and a guy just froze.  He said, ‘These ain’t my pants, man.’ and then turned and ran. I was in jorts and a cutoff hoodie!  And I go to church with the guy!  He doesn’t even do drugs.  I knew then that it was time to go.”

Chief William Harrison said, “I just feel so badly for him.  He’s a good guy and a good cop.  To lose his career like this is just…awful.  At least we were able to get him a medical retirement, I guess.”

Resting cop face affects roughly 99% of all police officers with ten or more years of experience.  If you would like to know how you can help, visit The RCF Foundation on Facebook.


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