Man Forced to Patrol After Claiming He Would Have Cop’s Job

Officer Josh Jacobs two days into his unexpected career.

Indianapolis, IN – Officer Josh Jacobs was sworn in moments after he claimed he would have an officer’s badge for disrespecting him on a traffic stop.

The officer, according to Jacobs, took off his badge and made him swear an oath right there on the roadside, got into Jacob’s car and drove away laughing.  Not knowing what else to do, Jacobs got in the cruiser and started catching calls.

“I’ve been here for four hours today and already seven people have called the police because of a barking dog.  How the hell am I supposed to stop a dog from barking?” complained Jacobs.  “And, I swear to God, I sat in an intersection with a giant ‘road closed’ sign beside me for an entire shift yesterday, and there must’ve been 200 people that drove up and asked if they could get by!  I’m like, ‘Can’t you see the giant sign?  It’s six feet tall, for Christsake!”

Officer Jacobs will be on for the next twelve shifts working doubles on eleven of those days.  He lamented, “This morning, about two hours after I got to sleep, LT called and said they needed me in court.  I was pretty surprised they needed me in court so quickly since it was my first shift, but apparently, the rookie put me on a supplement when he found out I drove by the suspect’s old high school once ten years ago.  Anyway, I got my tail to the courthouse just in time for them to tell me he pled out and I could go home.  By the time I got home, it was time to start getting my gear together for tonight’s shift.”

Sources close to BNN have told us that in private, the rookie officer regrets his original attitude toward the police and now conducts traffic stops in the hopes he can swear in the next new officer.


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