Fire Department Sues Police Department: Left ‘Staging’ for 17 Hours


Boulder, CO – The long standing rivalry between police and fire is something that most officers and firefighters view as fun loving jabs at one another, much like giving your brother or sister a hard time. Of course, sometimes it goes too far but in the end, you’re family and have a strong bond that overcomes minor hurt feelings from jokes or pranks.

Well that all may be changing in one Colorado town now that the Fire Department Union has officially filed a civil suit against the Police Labor Union citing a “gross manipulation of valuable time.” The court filings show that the Fire Department alleges that on 1/17/19 they were dispatched to a local residence for a “disorderly child” off of his meds, age 11. Police, often used as surrogate parents in such situations, were of course dispatched to the scene as well.

Officers say that they passed a fire truck parked three streets over while they were enroute. Officers handled the situation at the home and cleared without incident, as is common in these cases. There was only one problem: the 911 tapes clearly documented the voice of a dispatcher informing the officers that “fire was staging until scene was safe.” The three officers cleared but neglected to remember to tell the Fire Department it was ok to drive up to the scene and obtain the child’s name to put in their toughbook before allowing the police to finish their jobs.

The fire crew had brought an engine, ladder and ambulance for the 11 year old, using every resource at their disposal when they leave the station. Not knowing the officers had cleared, the firefighters continued to stage for nearly 17 hours, not knowing what else to do. It is likely they would have continued to remain on the side street if one of the crew wouldn’t have noticed an 11 year old riding his bike to school the next morning that matched the description previously given by dispatch. This prompted an update on the situation and further confusion when a new shift of dispatchers did not know what the rescue crew was talking about.

It is unknown what amount can be won in civil court as the Fire Department didn’t go unpaid and an attorney for the Police Union’s stance is “Well, they sleep anyway, what’s the issue?” However, the Fire Union President, a Battalion Chief with 17 years experience, said it’s “hard to put a number on the emotional strain of waiting for that many hours in anticipation of dealing with a case involving a child.”

If the court allows press in the court proceedings, BNN plans to send a correspondent.


  1. Mike…I absolutely love your satire stories! I initially start reading a nice juicy article on a subject related to my profession ( LE, NOT Fire). Then as I read I’m thinking “this can’t really have happened?!” When I finish and through my tear filled laughter I scroll back and yep, there it is! Mike the Cop! Thanks brother. You do know how to Show the real world situations in a comic manner.

  2. What a bunch of morons! How are hit gonna sit there for 17 HOURS and not have dispatch ask what’s going on or anything? Looks like they are trying to comment their stupidity with a lawsuit. Anyway our dispatch would have been asking if its ok for fire to come up within like 5 min of us being on the call. Bad communication all around.

  3. They probably could’ve asked dispatch what was going on after 30ish minutes. this sounds like an OT fishing game. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Can you please remove the picture of Boulder Fire Rescue equipment from your satire article. It is getting a lot of traction with people who think it is real and it is reflecting very poorly on our department.

  5. I too find it comical that some people actually bought into this story. Lol. As a formal Sgt of a Rescue Squad I can without hesitation assure you that this has never and will never happen. No dept anywhere in this world would ever be left stagging for more than a couple of hrs. It depends on the call. Car wrecks, structure fires, etc. But if dispatch hasn’t heard from a unit for a while they will radio in just to make sure everything is ok with them. And it would have been during one of those radio checks that the units stagging would have been informed to disregard and return to the station….

  6. Well! I would think that after a very short amount if time the fire department would have thought something amiss. If it took them 17 hours to figure it out boohoo for them. Lawsuit dismissed!

  7. My brothers were just obviously trying to prove a point. Much better way to handle this. Staging 17 hours and never called central to see if you were clear?? That your fault too. Kind of ridiculous. And what fire co. Stages an engine, ladder and ambulance for one patient “11 years old” smh.


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