Director of ‘End of Watch 2’ Consulting with BLM and Shaun King


Hollywood, CA – David Ayers 2012 film ‘End of Watch’ was an instant classic, particularly among the law enforcement community because of its realistic portrayal of the mindset and interaction of police beat partners. It didn’t just impact officers, but the actors in the movie. Jake Gyllenhaal literally said that the movie “changed his life” after he had been involved in ride alongs with officers 2-3 times a week over the course of several months.

Fast forward 9 years and the cast of the sequel don’t seem to be quite as interested in the pro-police perspective. In fact, the production pendulum seems to be swinging far from this film’s predecessor. Rather than consult and embed with a law enforcement agency to portray the plot of EOW 2, director Spike Lee has brought in Shaun King and other BLM activists to bring what he calls “balance to future film awards and portrayal of police bias.”

BNN caught up with Shaun King on set of filming and asked him how he felt about being asked to consult on the film as a fact checker on how police treat the citizens they serve and he said, “Just like the Sherita Dixon-Cole story, I’m committed to ensuring that I really coach the actors in reality based race relations with the police.” Mr. King also went on some ride alongs, only it was with civilian oversight committee members who drove around conducting first amendment audits on unsuspecting officers and drafted use of force policies.

When confronted with the objectively provable information that you are 7 times more likely to be murdered, 15 times more likely to be killed in a traffic crash or 42 times more likely to be raped than to have any police officer use excessive force on you, Spike Lee said, “If the facts don’t tell the story of our film then we can’t focus on those. What I know is that if this film doesn’t win an Oscar, we know that it’s not just the police that are racist, but Hollywood.”

Fans of the original film are skeptical that they will enjoy the follow up but as Mr. King half-jokingly said, “In the end, ticket sales won’t lie, unlike the police.”


  1. Spike Lee like others just tying to make a buck. Spike Lee can we get a movie on why blacks continue to murder other blacks.

    What makes me laugh is half of you Hollywood folks won’t even step in the hood. Scary azz. Stop using us to making a dollar.

  2. LISTEN TO ME. ALL HANDS ON DECK. King is a joke. He’s raking in a million a month for his new crap website and getting 15-20 grand every time he repeats the same stupid speech verbatim about the “dip.” He would never step foot in a real black neighborhood; they would throw him out. He literally views himself as a modern day Malcolm X. Most narcissistic, egotistical con man on the internet.


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