DC Police Chief Expresses Frustration Over Welfare Checks


The Washington DC Chief of Police tweeted out his frustration over citizens calling in welfare checks on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  DC Chief of Police Peter Newsham tweeted, “The Metropolitan Police have been inundated with calls to the residence of Justice Ginsburg.  We ask the public to respect her privacy and know that she is in fact alive.”

Justice Ginsburg, known as the “Notorious RBG” to her adoring fans, has spent the last month at her home recovering from surgery after she broke her hip late last year while getting out of bed.  Additionally Justice Ginsburg is a cancer survivor and has had several surgical procedures performed as well.

Ginsburg is seen as a hero to liberals across the country, and her seat on the Supreme Court, if vacated, could cement a dramatic shift towards a more conservative court.  Her health is something many monitor on a daily basis, and it seems to have caused a major strain on the Police Department’s resources.

In a newly released film about her life, the “Notorious RBG” she maintains an active lifestyle and works out on a daily basis with her personal trainer.  Despite seeming frail, hunched over, and falling asleep during long boring court arguments her trainer contends she “one tough woman.”  

Privately, Washington DC Police are concerned about Ginsburg’s health and if she dies while President Trump is still in office.  Police are worried about the chaos that will likely ensue.  A new Supreme Court nominee could face a tougher fight than even Justice Brett Kavanaugh endured, with even larger protests.  One unnamed Lieutenant with the Department confided, “it will be a shit show,”  and that the members of the Department will bear the brunt of protecting government institutions across the city from protesters. 

The Lieutenant lamented, “After Kavanaugh was confirmed, we renamed the front doors to the Supreme Court the “Wailing Wall’ where liberal protesters went to cry.”


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