Bernie Sanders Blames Cops for Crime, Says ‘Time for Change’


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The far left Senator from Vermont is firing up his enthusiastic millennial base by uniting behind a common enemy: the police. Sanders has been known to promote the so-called “demilitarization” of the police forces in the United States and now is taking it a step further.

In a recent speech on the campus of U.C. Berkeley (the sweet spot for socialist sensitivities) Sanders passionately said, “The way criminals have been treated by law enforcement when they break the law is nothing short of a national disgrace. How are criminals supposed to show they can behave better if they are locked inside cages [jails] like animals by law enforcement?” He continued, “Just because someone car-jacked someone on a Tuesday doesn’t mean they can’t be a changed person Thursday and perhaps if the cops weren’t creating a culture of fear, criminals wouldn’t feel the pressure to commit these crimes; it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy and it’s time for a change.”

The crowd cheered in response and began to chant “No way, Jose, we won’t go you’ll have to spray.” Given this type of atmosphere in our academic circles it looks like 2020 Presidential campaigns will intersect with law enforcement concerns at just about every turn.

A spokesperson from the F.O.P (Fraternal Order of Police) spoke to BNN by telephone and had this simple sentence to say in response “Sen. Sanders is right about one thing: it’s time for a change alright.” The FOP has not stated who they will endorse in the 2020 bid for President yet but BNN will be there when they do.


  1. Hope the boys in blue are paying attention. Only people who have your back are conservatives you encounter daily. Not government and not the left.

  2. so according to this stupid old bastard, criminals only become criminals and commit crimes because they’re that scared of cops that this fear of cops forced them to become criminals and commit crimes? what the fuck is this stupid old bastard on? it’s got to be some combination of being totally stupid, ignorant, strung out on drugs, and drunk. i’m willing to bet he’s been a criminal at some point in his life to make a completely idiotic statement like this. hope some criminal comes along and does some criminal act to him, his family, or his property and the cops refuse to do anything about it.

    • He has, for hooking into a neighbors electricity. because he wouldn’t pay his electric bill. He never had a job until he was 40, when he became mayor of Burlington VT. He isn’t a Vermonter, he is from Brooklyn NY and a lot of us true Vermonters wish he would leave or better yet drop dead. His second wife is a thief just like him, She was charged with bank fraud but got away with it. He’s worth millions. I have had many arguments with him, the last one I told him he was another Nazi Hitler. He claims that people on social security should be thankful that the government gives us SS. told him that you don’t give us shit that we paid into SS that it’s OUR money. He told me I was wrong, told him right to his face he was a complete moron, who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. This asshole commie, has 5 homes, a condo in DC, lakefront home, big boat, new cars and a plane. The Fk’er is a crook and liar, his wife is the same she stole from Burlington College, she did bank fraud and because of the sneaky deal, she did. the college had to close down. Students lost their money. To these friggin 2 everything should be free. They even started up a Sanders Foundation just like the Clintons. When he was in college he wrote a paper stating that women like being raped, that women fantasize about getting raped by 4-5 men at the same time. That women beg to be raped.!!!

      • Wow Donna, I didn’t know the extent of his evils! Thanks for educating me. He is the epitome of hate and corruption. I find him a disgusting idiot and I pray he’s not around much longer. As a blue collar woman and being in the Army and Correctional families I would love to see him locked up with the criminals he is so caring of. A little one on one with someone in prison would have his A** flapping like his guns.

      • Good job Donna on telling the world about the “REAL” Bernie Sanders…. My only question is.. Why in the HELL does Vermont keep voting this crazy SOB back into Office??? He’s making your state appear like you’ve reared a bunch of idiots and I know that’s not true.

    • y’all realize #mikethecop is a satirical site – right?

      Read the first line
      The articles I write for BNN are satire and it’s hilarious when people don’t know that.”

  3. Ho. Lee. Hell.

    Does ANYONE know the scope and purpose of BNN? Seriously.

    You know what…I’m not even going to ruin the “secret” of BNN. Y’all just go on ahead and squabble, I’ll sit back and enjoy.

  4. About Blue News Network
    If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a satirical news website. While some stuff may bear a strong resemblance to the truth, we assure you it is most decidedly bullshit. We are just a few bored cops who thought we would make sport of triggering people and having a little fun at the expense of rookies, dispatchers, and troopers. If you don’t like what we are doing here, I am sorry to tell you that we do not care. Have a great life, and stress less about the things you cannot control, like what we write on this site.
    For the cops on the road, you have our respect, even if we tease you a little. Be careful, and come home safe.

  5. You Americans can have him, hey mister most in educated educated man the police don’t put anyone in the jail cells for their crimes, the lawyers and judges do that.

    And he wants to be president, what a fool

  6. From that shot of him, he is off his meds. Need to send him back to the nursing home, where he escaped the alzhiemers ward. They forgot to lock his door. They also need to do a drug test and another pshic eval on him.

    • Josh you don’t have a clue. I have known this man for years longer than you have been alive. You think everything in this country should be free, how stupid. Blame the police for crime, like were the police responsible for his wife destroying a college in Vermont?

  7. How dumb are you people? Mike the cop is a satirical writer. It’s fake nes and it’s even sited in its disclaimer. Just a bunch of morons that can’t think for themselves and need to be told which way is up. Dems and Republicans both lead you people to your own demise. You’re sheep!!

  8. That stupid piece of shit thinks the police should not be armed it’s on you tube. You can read right in to his speech. He said police should be held accountable for the action just like every public official. Really public officials get by with murder. All that is, is political BS.

  9. How did they treat your wife when she embezzled millions of money from the college she work for, Scott free, that’s how! Yes your right criminals are shooting and killing police officers because of a**holeslike you.

  10. Read the ‘About us’ on this website you gullible’s.

    ‘About Blue News Network
    If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a satirical news website. ‘

  11. Why does anyone support this lunatic. Our wasted tax dollars and mistrusted media. I couldn’t even post this comment without getting flagged. What a joke.

  12. I’m hoping that most of these comments aren’t real. Lol. You guys did read the whole article including the fact that it’s satire.

  13. Guess what, Mike the Cop? If you’ve succeeded in deceiving people and you think it’s funny, you’re not just an anal orifice, you’re a liar. I hope you’re not still employed; they’d have to treat your reports like fiction.

    • Guess what Bill Wright, the whole site is satire, so it’s blatantly fiction. You want to call me names because you’re too lazy or ignorant to read, have at it. Doesn’t effect my police reports at all, which are not on a satire site. Now go sit back at the intellectual kiddie table til you’re ready to engage like a grown up.


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